Dental Sealants: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Dental Sealants: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Young Girl in Dentists Chair Brookhaven GADental sealants are plastic covers painted over deep grooves on the chewing surfaces of molars. The material is applied in a liquid state so that it flows smoothly and evenly to fill in the crevices, but it quickly hardens under a curing light.

What Dental Sealants Do

Dentists put sealants on teeth that are currently healthy but still prone to developing cavities. Deep grooves on some molars can trap cavity-causing food debris and plaque bacteria that toothbrush bristles can’t reach. Sealants fill in those narrow gaps to prevent the start of cavities.

Why You Should Get Your Teeth Sealed

Dental sealants have several other benefits in addition to preventing tooth decay:

  • Inexpensive
  • Not noticeable (although they’re often slightly brighter than natural tooth color)
  • Minimal and non-invasive procedure that requires no drilling or anesthetics
  • Procedure is fast and safe, even for kids
  • Harmless to tooth surface

There’s no reason to not seal a healthy tooth as a proactive step towards preventing cavities.

One Cochrane review of 38 studies on dental sealants concluded that sealants play a major role in preventing cavities in kids. Sealing your kids’ permanent teeth soon after they erupt can help them avoid the need for dental fillings later on in life.

Although kids can benefit a lot from dental sealants, they’re also a good preventative treatment for adults. Sealants are often placed on children’s teeth these days, but you may also have a few teeth that qualify for sealing.

Why not take advantage of a little added protection against cavities by getting a sealant or two?

Find out if you’re a candidate for dental sealants in Brookhaven by contacting Elegant Smiles for a preventative dental health consultation.

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I am past 70 and have had a lot of dental work done in my life. I have been going to Elegant Smiles for
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I came to Dr. Ryo after a poor experience at a previous dentist and with some hesitation and fears about going to the dentist in general. On my first appointment I was warmly greeted by Miki and immediately put at ease by the dental hygienist. Dr. Ryo always takes the time to come meet me as well as explain everything to make me feel comfortable with treatment decisions.
I decided to start an Invisalign treatment after a few months of being with the practice and have been beyond pleased with the experience and results. The front desk staff are always welcoming and friendly. I highly recommend this practice to all my friends and will be taking my daughter in whenever she gets teeth!

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Emergency crown replacement needed! I was seen the day I walked in, then my tooth was worked on the very next day. On top of that, the crown was done in only a week time which usually takes 2 weeks. My VA insurance benefits are in San Diego. Dr. Ryo, Mickey and Ashley we're able to help with the complex VA benefits paper work to get my crown done here in Atlanta, saving me a trip back to California. I was very fortunate to find this team. The office is beautiful and very inviting and the staff is very nice, grounded and friendly. Thank you! The crown is perfect!

Michael H.

Chipped my tooth and Elegant Smiles was able to get me an appointment the same day. I liked the fast and friendly service of the dentist and staff so much that I went back 2 days later to fix some cavities that they found.


Great Service and caring professionals. Dr. Rio is very caring and took time to instruct his patients on proper care of the teeth and go the extra mile to address his patients' oral needs. The service was great and fast. He follows up to make sure i was ok. He reaches out by text and calls in a very prompt manner. I can also text him about my concern and get immediate help. I would highly recommend this place for dental care.

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Every time I come they always make me feel at home. Miki makes sure that she communicates with me about my appointment and she even gave me a heads up about not coming too early because they were behind. I see Sara every time I come and she is very very helpful and kind. She takes her time and makes me feel comfortable. She's also insightful. Thanks you guys rock!! I refer people here all the time!

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Dr. Ryu, Miki, Ashley, and Malika are a dream team. Top quality professionals with a family feel. Dr. Ryu explained everything to me and made me feel really comfortable while his assistant Malika kept a smile on my face. This is my dentist office from now on!!

Christian v.

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