Metal-Free Braces – How do They Work?

In case you haven’t heard, there is now a discreet and comfortable option for straightening your teeth. Yes, it’s possible to get a beautifully aligned smile without using metal braces! Many adults in today’s fast-paced society want a straighter smile without showing off a mouth full of metal to the world. Thanks to MTM® Clear

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How Veneers Can Change Your Smile

Some people think that dental veneers are an unnecessary luxury. But that’s passing a premature judgement. Until you find out what veneers are really about, you’re smile is probably missing out. What Veneers Actually Do A veneer is a thin shell of material, usually porcelain. It’s a bit thicker than a contact lens and it’s

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No Dental Insurance? Save With Our In-Office Membership Plan

Changes in the Affordable Care Act and IRS insurance requirements mean that more people are covered by health insurance than ever before…but at the same time, many are now going without dental coverage. Because dental benefits aren’t necessarily required under all insurance policies, many employers are dropping it from their benefit plans. This can leave

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