General Dentistry

General Dentistry

At Elegant Smiles, we know what it takes to keep your oral health in top condition. With our excellence in general dentistry, we are equipped to restore your teeth from injury, disease, infection and other harmful circumstances. Our dentists are passionate about treating patients with the best that modern dentistry has to offer. They also realize that patients need and deserve to feel comfortable and informed along the way. You’ll find that Elegant Smiles achieves that. We ensure your dental treatments are meeting your clinical needs as well as your personal preferences and goals.

Gentle, Professional Cleanings

Chipped or Cracked Teeth Repair

There’s no reason to endure a cracked or chipped tooth longer than you have to. We offer a wide range of easy repairs for damaged teeth, ranging from dental bonding to custom crowns. Regardless of the size of your tooth fracture, our dentists are equipped to provide a seamless and long-lasting restoration.

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comprehensive exams

Cleanings and Checkups

Elegant Smiles provides gentle hygiene cleanings and checkups, which are designed to find and avoid gum disease. We recommend that you visit us once every six months for a professional cleaning. You can maintain your oral health by attending your bi-annual hygiene cleanings at Elegant Smiles.

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Gentle, Professional Cleanings

Emergency Dentistry

There are times when scheduling an appointment is not possible and the best course of action is quick and immediate dental care. Depending on the level of pain and discomfort, there may not be adequate time to search for an emergency dentist in Atlanta. At Elegant Smiles, we offer emergency dental care for those who need it.

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same day emergency care

Root Canals

Root canals repair and seal teeth that are decaying or infected. Root canals can prevent serious problems caused by infected teeth. Many patients fear root canals because they think the treatment is painful. Elegant Smiles utilizes the latest advancements in dental technology to ensure you have as little pain as possible.

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root canals

Gum Disease

Symptoms of periodontal disease, commonly called gum disease, include swollen gums, bleeding, or bad breath. This disease causes gaps to form between the teeth and gums. These gaps are a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. These gaps increase your risk of permanent tooth damage and tooth loss.

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Periodontic Cleaning

Tooth Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Removal

Elegant Smiles takes every safe and necessary precaution to save a natural tooth. Unfortunately, extraction of a tooth is sometimes required, including cases when it involves impacted or crowded wisdom teeth. Like all of our procedures, our dentists will perform the extraction or wisdom teeth removal with the utmost care to limit your pain and stress.

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Athletic Mouth Guards

Are you afraid of damaging your teeth because you play a sport? At Elegant Smiles, we believe that prevention is the first step to excellent dental health. Part of that prevention includes offering athletic mouth guards to our patients to prevent unnecessary wear and trauma to your teeth.

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mouth guards

Nightguard for Teeth Grinding, Clenching

Nightguards can alleviate facial pain, neck pain, and lock jaw without the need for surgery. Elegant Smiles can create a custom-fitted nightguard for you, so you can stop grinding your teeth and reduce your pain.

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night guards

Sedation Dentistry

Dental anxiety is a very real condition, one that can affect both children and adults. There’s no shame in admitting your fear of the dentist at Elegant Smiles. In fact, we are already prepared to address your feelings of unease. Our dentists are qualified to offer sedation dentistry, allowing all types of patients to achieve a relaxing and pleasant experience in the dental chair.

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sleep apnea solution

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is considered a “cap” for a tooth that has suffered extensive damage from injury, decay or disease. Our crowns are made of beautiful, top quality materials to maximize your return on your investment. In addition, Elegant Smiles utilizes cutting-edge technology to take measurements for your custom crown so that patients get the most precise and comfortable fit possible.

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crowns and bridges

Halitosis Treatment

Chronic bad breath can wreak havoc on your social life and self-esteem. More importantly, halitosis is often a warning sign that your oral health needs attention. Our dentists are experienced in treating bad breath. We will diagnose and treat the underlying problem so that you can gain a long-term fix and a more confident smile.

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Brookhaven Dentist

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal therapy is designed to eliminate bacteria and infection within the gums and help these supportive tissues regain optimal health. After all, your gums serve as the support system for your smile. If infected or weakened gums are not treated in a timely manner, it may lead to destruction of the underlying bone and tissues and eventual tooth loss.

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Same Day Dentistry

We know your schedule is tight. Fitting in dental appointments is a difficult and a nearly impossible task sometimes. That’s why Elegant Smiles reserves time in our daily schedule to offer same day dentistry. Whether you can suddenly swing by for a cleaning after work or need us to examine a tooth that is causing you pain, give us a call and we can likely see you today.

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same day appointments

Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you suffer from sleep apnea or snoring and want an effective, non-surgical solution, turn to Elegant Smiles. We serve the greater Brookhaven area with excellence in sleep apnea and snoring treatment using custom oral appliance therapy.

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sleep apnea solution

TMJ/TMD Treatment

Your jaw joint plays a critical role in your dental function as well as your daily comfort. If the joint is strained or misaligned, it can present a number of disruptive symptoms, ranging from headaches to jaw stiffness. Fortunately, our Brookhaven dentists are skilled in TMJ/TMD treatment. We offer effective therapies to reduce your jaw pain and protect your smile.

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root canals

Tooth Pain, Jaw Pain

Any type of dental pain needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Pain is most often a warning signal that your tooth is in danger. We offer effective tooth pain relief whether it is from gum disease, trauma, decay or infection. Our ability to provide full service dentistry in one place fosters confidence in our patients when coming to us with unexplained tooth pain. Let us restore comfort and health to your smile today!

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same day emergency care


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Our Patient Reviews


Based on 98 reviews

I came into Dr. Ryos office with a dental emergency and have since made them my primary dental office. Not only did Dr. Ryo take care of my emergency in a very timely manner but he was also able to save a few teeth that I had been previously told couldn’t be saved. I’ve had a significant amount of visits/work done and it has all been painless which is a plus. The rest of the staff is amazing as well. Everyone is polite and caring and take care of any concerns/needs. They will give you a smile you are proud of. I’d recommend this office to everyone!

Lazette G.

I am past 70 and have had a lot of dental work done in my life. I have been going to Elegant Smiles for
more than a year now. This practice is, without a doubt, the best I have ever been to, including university dental schools and very fine dentists. The entire staff is incredibly competent, and the hygienist and Dr. Ryo are absolutely superb. Moreover, they are friendly, personable, kind, and caring. My advice is to check them out today! Just FYI, I have never written a positive review of any office practice before; I asked for the link to write this one!

Sara N.

I came to Dr. Ryo after a poor experience at a previous dentist and with some hesitation and fears about going to the dentist in general. On my first appointment I was warmly greeted by Miki and immediately put at ease by the dental hygienist. Dr. Ryo always takes the time to come meet me as well as explain everything to make me feel comfortable with treatment decisions.
I decided to start an Invisalign treatment after a few months of being with the practice and have been beyond pleased with the experience and results. The front desk staff are always welcoming and friendly. I highly recommend this practice to all my friends and will be taking my daughter in whenever she gets teeth!

Jamie C.

Emergency crown replacement needed! I was seen the day I walked in, then my tooth was worked on the very next day. On top of that, the crown was done in only a week time which usually takes 2 weeks. My VA insurance benefits are in San Diego. Dr. Ryo, Mickey and Ashley we're able to help with the complex VA benefits paper work to get my crown done here in Atlanta, saving me a trip back to California. I was very fortunate to find this team. The office is beautiful and very inviting and the staff is very nice, grounded and friendly. Thank you! The crown is perfect!

Michael H.

Chipped my tooth and Elegant Smiles was able to get me an appointment the same day. I liked the fast and friendly service of the dentist and staff so much that I went back 2 days later to fix some cavities that they found.


Great Service and caring professionals. Dr. Rio is very caring and took time to instruct his patients on proper care of the teeth and go the extra mile to address his patients' oral needs. The service was great and fast. He follows up to make sure i was ok. He reaches out by text and calls in a very prompt manner. I can also text him about my concern and get immediate help. I would highly recommend this place for dental care.

Getty G.

Every time I come they always make me feel at home. Miki makes sure that she communicates with me about my appointment and she even gave me a heads up about not coming too early because they were behind. I see Sara every time I come and she is very very helpful and kind. She takes her time and makes me feel comfortable. She's also insightful. Thanks you guys rock!! I refer people here all the time!

Miss G.

Dr. Ryu, Miki, Ashley, and Malika are a dream team. Top quality professionals with a family feel. Dr. Ryu explained everything to me and made me feel really comfortable while his assistant Malika kept a smile on my face. This is my dentist office from now on!!

Christian v.

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